The Two Great Propaganda Pieces Designed to Bring the
Whole Country Into a

One World Religion: 

The Book:  A Purpose Driven Life
The Movie:  The Passion of the Christ

 Lorraine Day, M.D.

The papacy, controlled both from behind the scenes - and also inside the Catholic church - by Jewish Zionists, is waging war to unite the world—every individual, every religion, and every nation - as one under her authority.  At the center of the Catholic church’s effort is Liturgical Renewal, championed by the head of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (who later became the Pope), who has written a book on the subject, The Spirit of the Liturgy.  The word “liturgy” is defined in the dictionary as: the prescribed rituals or forms for public worship. 

In this book by Cardinal Ratzinger, he states on pages 95 and 96: 

“The Day of the Resurrection is the new Sabbath.  It is the day on which the Lord comes among his own and invites them into his ‘liturgy’, into his glorification of God, and communicates himself to them.  The morning of the ‘third day’ becomes the hour of Christian worship of God. . . The transition from Old to New Testament is plainly revealed in the transition from Sabbath to the Day of Resurrection as the new sign of the covenant, and in the process Sunday takes over the significance of the Sabbath.” 

Here we see the ultimate goal of Roman Catholic Liturgical Renewal:  the elevation of Sunday to replace the Sabbath, and ultimately the imposition of the Mark of the Beast.

Ratzinger also states on pages 102 and 103: 

“The whole meaning of the Jewish Passover is made present in the Christian Easter.” 

Passover becomes Easter, and Easter becomes Sunday sacredness, Rome’s goal of shifting the Sabbath-keepers over to Sunday worship. 

Cardinal Ratzinger also has the goal of re-introducing the Jewish feast days into the Christian church and thus melding Judaism, especially the Messianic Jews, with the Christians.  

“In Seventh-Day Adventism particularly, at every level now, from Jewish-Adventist scholars writing books, to Jewish-Adventist synagogues being planted at Andrews University and in the field, to Adventist youth being educated in Judaism at Jewish synagogues, to infiltrators coming to historic Campmeetings, advocating the feast days, wearing Rabbinic prayer shawls and praying to Yeshua, the battle is on.”  Cherith Chronicles Feb-Mar 2004, Bob Trefz, pg 6 

The New Age movement parallels and intertwines with the infiltration of Catholicism and Judaisim into the Protestant denominations, the organized churches.  The New Age movement was largely created by the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who shaped the Jesuits, Roman Catholicism, and the entire world with his pantheistic spiritualism - the omega of apostasy, according to former Catholic priest Malachi Martin, author of  The Jesuits and The Keys of This Blood. 

(Pantheism is defined as the doctrine that God is not a personality, but that all laws, forces, manifestations, etc. of the self-existing universe are God.) 

It was Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin who coined the terminology of hooking terms to the word genesis.  Hence, the words of the Seventh-Day Adventist leadership have been using:  Genesis 2K, Valuegenesis, etc. 

Teilhard wrote incessantly about Omega, and the future of man.  He had a spiritualistic pantheistic vision of “the final stages and final state of the earth of man.  Teilhard saw all of creation, especially man, converging into the Omega Point, at which “mankind as a whole will leave behind the limitations of time, space and matter. . .”  A Path Through Teilhard’s Phenomenon, p. 161  It is this age-old concept of pantheistic spiritualism that has been subtly packaged and developed into a New Age religion.  Everything converges into one—good and evil, truth and error, right and wrong. 

“That is why Judaism must be merged with Christianity in Messianic Judaism.  Because, in the thinking of pantheistic spiritualism, anything that does not merge with the whole—Christianity with Judaism, with Adventism, with Hinduism, with Buddhism, with animism, with Native Americanism, with Islam—anything that resists coming together into one pantheistic mass, is defined as evil in New Age thinking, and thwarting the forward evolution and progress of the human race to its ultimate consummation when it reaches the Omega point when all think as one, when all religions are merged as one, when humanity has one mind. 

“It is Alice Bailey’s New Age spiritualism, repackaged and presented with force by the Jesuits since Vatican II.  One will recognize here also the thinking of Pope John Paul II, who includes all religions as paths to God (except, of course, the evil sects that resist the pantheistic oneness.)”  Ibid., p 10,11 

This New Age thinking is, of course, the ultimate totalitarianism!  

And totalitarianism is communism! 

In the book Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics, the author declares, 

“Man is already a colonial aggregation of cells, and to consider him an individual would be an error. . .Sickness could be considered to be a disloyalty to the remaining organisms on the part of one organism. . . We can see with ease that the revolt is death, that the revolt of any part of the organism results in death.  Thus we see that there can be no compromise with rebellion.” 

Since 9-11 there is a new political movement that teaches this concept.  It is called:  Communitarianism. 

The Christian will note that collectivism, pantheistic oneness, is the opposite of the direction of the disciple of Jesus, who forsakes ALL for Christ, who comes to Christ hating all, even his own life, for Christ.  “Through the call of Christ, men become individuals.”  Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship, “Discipleship and the Individual.” 

It is this pantheism that lies at the foundation of the educational effort to unfreeze people from their adherence to absolutes, and to subject their conscience to the group.  It has all been worked out scientifically in academia.  It is used in the classroom (group study and group grades).  It is fundamental to communism.  It is the principle of cell groups used for brainwashing in China and Korea, and now found throughout the churches of virtually all denominations. 

The book From Cell to Celebration, is now used by many in church leadership positions.  Cell groups break down individual resistance to pantheistic wholeness, using peer pressure and hypnotic techniques.  It is now everywhere—in the schools, in business, the churches, the government, the military.  It is the making of a religion—totalitarianism, better known as communism. 

Teilhard then merges his pantheism with what he calls “Christian doctrine” and states: 

“As we know, the belief that the human individual cannot perfect himself or fully exist except through the organic unification of all men in God is essential and fundamental to Christian doctrine. 

Thus perfection for Teilhard, is not by the individual becoming one with Christ in absolute self-surrender, forsaking all others.  No, Teilhard says that the individual cannot perfect himself except through the organic unification of ALL men in God.  Thus, all human minds must be joined in what he calls a ‘super-organism’.  

Genesis means this pantheistic spiritualism of all humanity coming together.  Man has the ultimatum in Teilhard’s plan:  Either come together in pantheistic New Age spiritualism as one super-organism, or have turmoil. 

It was this concept of the organism that provided the rational for Rome’s extermination of heretics.  Their refusal to give up their conscience to join the organism of the “church” meant that they threatened the life of the organism, like a disease that must be surgically removed.  Augustine argued that 

“A horticulturalist prunes a rotten branch to save a tree and a doctor amputates a diseased limb to conserve a life.  Even so may the erring be constrained.  Augustine was here using fateful analogies which for him were comparatively innocuous. . .But if and when the body to be saved should be identified with the organized Church or the State, then the rotten member would become an individual to be destroyed.”  Bainton, R.H., The Travail of Religious Liberty.  1951, p. 39 

Teilhard declared, 

“The outcome of the world, the gates of the future, the entry into the superhuman. . .will open only to an advance of ALL together, in a direction in which ALL together can join and find completion in a spiritual renovation of the earth.”  The Phenomenology of Man, 244-245 

“Once complete unity has been achieved, Christ—who will be the Omega Point—will appear; man will then be more than man, will be what Teilhard called Ultra-Human, the cosmos will be transformed; and the glory of it all will be established.”  Malachi Martin, describing Teilhard de Chardin’s theology in The Jesuits, 288 

The New Age religion that was in the minority under the high-priestess Alice Bailey, has now become the dominant culture and religion because of Teilhard de Chardin, S.J., and his Jesuit brothers. 

Messianic Judaism 

Yeshua, the New Judaistic Messiah 

Messianic Judaism is one of the direct products of the sophisticated Jesuit philosophical assault upon America immediately after Vatican II.  Messianic Judaism has an ambitious agenda:  Merge Christianity with Judaism.  

“A Messianic Jewish website declares that since 1980 Adventism has been a dying religion, since the invasion of Fordism and materialism, and it is the destiny of Messianic Judaism to carry on the doctrines of the Sabbath, the Sanctuary, the Second Coming, and the dietary laws, along with much more, since viable Adventism is on its way out.” 

“Messianic Judaism is the offspring and byproduct of mighty forces set in motion by the Roman Catholic Liturgical Renewal movement and the twentieth century Jesuit theological/philosophical/psychological movements. 

“It is the global movement of Messianic Judaism, which, taking momentum from dispensationalism and the Roman Catholic Liturgical and charismatic movements, is now taking evangelical Christianity by storm, completely redefining the Messiah as being a champion of Judaism, rabbinic authority, and asserting Talmudic, Mishnaic and Noachite law.  Cherith Chronicles, Feb-Mar, 2004 p 21 

It is the Jesuit goal to undo everything that Protestantism has done—in economics, in culture, in theology, in history, in everything.  It is a war to create chaos so that a new nation, the Image of the Papacy, run from behind by Jewish Zionism, can be more fully established.  So now we have a Judaistic Messiah, divested of every element in the interpretation of Him and His meaning that is not Judaistic, thanks to the Jesuits. 

This is a new-fangled Judaism, coming in the garb of “Christianity” that uses Judaistic Rabbinic interpretation of the Old Testament, and superimposes its Rabbinic Judaism upon the gospel and the New Testament, even to the point of viewing Jesus, rather Yeshua, as a Pharisee, transferring Rabbinic authority to the New Testament believers.  The entire gospel and prophetic interpretation becomes an extension of Judaism. 

Judaism is a non-Biblical religion because it makes of none effect the Word of God by its tradition.  This is the analysis of Jesus Himself in Matthew 15.  It is also the analysis of Israel Shahak, a renowned Jewish scholar of today.  So with Messianic Judaism you have the phenomenon of a non-Biblical religion defining a new form of Babylonian “Christianity”.  And what a masterpiece of construct of a colossal mix of Jesuitical philosophy it is—New Age, multiculturalism, dispensationalism, Liturgical Renewal and the Charismatic Movement—all rolled into one. 

“In an age of existentialistic ‘do it yourself’ religion, it has yet required a masterpiece of theological effort to marry a Judaism that defines acceptance of Christ as apostasy, a Judaism that in its Talmud has consigned Jesus to hell to be tormented in boiling excrement, a Judaism that in its Talmud commands that the New Testament be burned, a command that is followed to this day in Israel, - - it has required a masterpiece of theological effort in making the Word of God of none effect, to marry this Judaism with Christianity.”  Ibid, p 24 

Messianic Judaism is saying in effect that Yeshua must be defined by Judaism. 

“Messianic Judaism is a complete theological rework of the entire Bible along the lines of Jewish Rabbinic Judaistic interpretation—in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.  It has become an attempt to claim the New Testament for Judaism and Judaistic interpretation.  Messianic Judaism is being accepted by people who long for a spiritual authority that they lost when they abandoned the Word of God for a worldly Christianity.  That authority that is now being accepted by many, from ultra conservatives to New Agers, is the authority of Rabbinic Judaism applied and adapted to a people who long for some spiritual security.” Ibid. p 25 

The Plan of Judaism and Catholicism is to get everyone, first, into a church - - then merge the churches - - then merge the Christian churches with Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age and every other pagan abomination, then eliminate any who don’t go along with the majority. 

A new book and a new movie will be major change agents to accomplish these goals! 

The Purpose Driven Life,  by Rick Warren 

Rick Warren is an Evangelical pastor of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest (Orange County), California, who began a home church about 20 years ago, and with essentially secular marketing techniques, grew the church to a membership of approximately 10,000 members. 

He has written a book entitled, “The Purpose Driven Life” which became the No. 1 Best Seller on the New York Times book list, selling more than 6 million copies.  It is impossible, of course, for ANY book to reach that amount of readership without huge publicity by the commercial press.  Why would the commercial press, owned virtually totally by Jewish Zionists, a group viciously antagonistic to Christ and Christianity, support and promote a book that tells how to dramatically increase the membership of Christian churches? 

What could their agenda be? 

A discerning reader will be able to perceive the goals of the book, which are: 1) to make sure every Christian is a member of an organized church, 2) to mark Christians who are not members of an organized church as being “under God’s curse”, 3) to promote massive volunteerism (everyone must “work” for the church in some ministry – this is “communitarianism” or more appropriately, communism), and 4) to use the terms “God” and “the church” synonymously and interchangeably.  In other words, God and “the church” are presumed to be one and the same.  It is assumed by the author that when a directive comes from the “church” leaders, the church member must assume that directive is from God - that that directive is “God’s precise will” for one’s life. 

In the book, the “church” actually becomes  the voice of God and presumes to have the authority of God.  This is not stated directly, but it becomes very obvious when one reads the book carefully and with discernment. 

In the first six chapters, God is identified as our Creator and the One with whom we should have a relationship.  However, by Chapter Seven the shift from relying on God - - to relying on “man” - - begins. 

In Chapter Eight, God begins to be “humanized.  On page 64 it says that “God grieves, gets jealous and angry”, etc.  Yes, the Bible says that, but it also says that God’s ways are higher than our ways.  God tells us He is not like us! 

On the same page we are told by the author that we “need to expand our understanding of ‘worship.’  He goes on to say that, “healing, miracles, and ecstatic experiences are all included in worship.”  

According to the author, “Worship has nothing to do with the style or volume or speed of a song.  God loves ALL kinds of music because He invented it all— fast and slow, loud and soft, old and new.  You probably don’t like it all, but God does!  If it is offered to God in spirit and truth, it is an act of worship.”  This is propaganda at its best.  This book is meant to be a “change agent” to bring worldly music into the church, to compromise and down-grade the holiness of worship that God requires. 

The author adds on page 66, “There is no such thing as ‘Christian’ music; there are only Christian lyrics.  It is the words that make a song sacred, not the tune.  There are no spiritual tunes.”  How very wrong the author is!  The Rock music beat was developed by the Tavistock Institute in London, an Institute that includes the U.S. CIA and the British MI6, specifically to destroy the morality of the young and to get them into sex and drugs.  Putting “Jesus” words to that music does not make it “Christian,” it makes it an abomination! 

By Chapter Nine (page 72) the author implies that among the commands God has given us that we must obey is the command to attend church.  More propaganda!  Nowhere in the Bible does God demand that we attend a government-sanctioned, human-run corporation where people mouth words about Jesus, but their hearts are far from Him. 

For four thousand years of earth’s history, no one went to “church.”  The tabernacle in the wilderness and the temple in Jerusalem for totally off-limits to everyone except the priests.  And when the first model for “churches” was formed, it became the system of the synagogues, formed by the Pharisees, the arch-enemies of Jesus Christ, the ones who called for Jesus’ execution by crucifixion. 

The Bible tells us clearly. 

“God’s presence does not dwell in temples made with hands.” (Acts 7:48; 17:24) 

“Your body is the temple of God’s Spirit (God’s Breath of Holiness).” (1 Cor 6:19) 

A plan to develop weak Christians begins on page 75 with the following statement:

“Every act of enjoyment becomes an act of worship when you thank God for it.”  There are many things people may “enjoy” that would not be considered an act of worship!

God says, “Take up your Cross daily, and follow Me.”   

On page 89, “breath prayers” are suggested as a way to “Pray without ceasing” as the Bible instructs.  “Breath prayers” are described in the following way:  “You choose a brief sentence or a simple phrase that can be repeated to Jesus in one breath.”  Then the reader is told to repeat that short phrase over many times. 

This is nothing more than a “mantra” - vain repetitions - self hypnosis!  God directly warns against this type of “praying.” 

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do; for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.”  Matt 6:7 

Chapter Thirteen encourages the reader to engage in “emotions” during the worship service and that any way that a person desires to worship God is acceptable.  Remember that Old Israel had temple prostitutes that God called an abomination! 

By Chapter Fifteen we are told that “the church becomes our spiritual family” and that the “church family” is “even more important than your physical family.” 

By Chapter Seventeen entitled “A Place to Belong”, the message of the book is clear, and that is that you cannot really be considered a Christian unless you are a church member.  Here are some following quotations: 

“The church is God’s agenda for the world.”

“The (organized) church is indestructible and will exist for eternity.  It will outlive this universe, and so will your role in it.  The person who says, ‘I don’t need the church,’ is either arrogant or ignorant.” 

“Except for a few important instances referring to all believers throughout history, almost every time the word church is used in the Bible it refers to a local, visible congregation. (WRONG!)  The New Testament assumes membership in a local congregation.  (WRONG!)  The only Christians not members of a local fellowship were those under church discipline who had been removed from the fellowship because of gross public sin.”  (WRONG!) 

“Many believe one can be a ‘good Christian’ without joining (or even attending) a local church, but God would strongly disagree.”  WRONG!!!

“A church family identifies you as a genuine believer.”  WRONG!  (How about

Elijah, John, the Baptist and many others in the Bible?) 

“Only in regular contact with ordinary, imperfect believers can we learn real fellowship and experience the New Testament truth of being connected and dependent on each other.” WRONG! 

“We need more than the Bible in order to grow: we need other believers.”  (What arrogance!  Jesus is “the Word!”  That’s ALL we need.) 

“God has assigned us as individuals the responsibility of keeping each other on track.”  (No, God keeps us on track.  He tells us repeatedly NOT to depend on man!) 

“A related benefit of a local church is that it also provides the spiritual protection of godly leaders.” WRONG!  (Most of the doctrines believed by all churches today are false doctrines!) 

“We are accountable to spiritual leaders.”  (WRONG!  We are accountable to God!) 

ALL of these arrogant statements are designed to get everyone into a church where they are then under the control of a pastor, rather than having a direct relationship with God and letting God lead them! 

Chapter Eighteen begins the talk of forming “cells” or small groups, in a church.  These “cells” are modeled after communist cells where people in them are submitted to peer pressure by the group to change their views on whatever doesn’t agree with the group! 

By Chapter Twenty-One, the message is that “It is your job to protect the unity of your church!”  No mention is ever made of the dangers of compromising our Biblical doctrines.  We are told to “Focus on what we have in common, not our differences.”  This is clearly Ecumenism!  The author also states that “God gives leaders the responsibility and the authority to maintain the unity of the church!”   (WRONG!)  That authority lies only with God. 

We are told, “You will give an account to God of how well you followed your leaders.”  The clear message here is that the reader is not to think or study for himself, but instead to follow only what the leaders tell him to do - or to think! 

Chapter Twenty-Nine tells you that you must have a “ministry” and do service.  The author tells us that “the last thing many believers need today is to go to another Bible study.  What they need are serving experiences in which they can exercise their spiritual muscles.  (WRONG!)  Few Christians study the Bible in a meaningful way.  God wants us to have a close relationship with Him.  That is far more important than “serving” experiences! 

Conclusions - according to Rick Warren:  

1)  The “church” takes the place of God.  “God” is given lip service, but the corporate church, run by “man” has insinuated itself into the place of God.  The “church” is God’s voice on earth - apparently just like the Pope! 

2)  All types of music, no matter how wild or degrading, are acceptable if they have Christian lyrics. 

3)  God commands that we must be in an organized church. 

4)  Mantras and “vain repetitions” are encouraged, even though the Bible warns against them. 

5)  God wants you to be emotional in church. 

6)  The “church” family is more important than your own family. 

7)  If you are not in a church, you are under the curse of God! 

8)  We cannot mature as a Christian unless we are a member of an organized church. 

9)  We must protect the unity of the church, apparently even to the point of giving up one’s doctrinal beliefs. 

10)  Following the church leaders is demanded, even to the exclusion of thinking for oneself. 

Yet the word “church” never appears in the Bible.  The Greek word mistranslated “church” is ecclesia and it means the “Called Ones”, those God, Himself, has called.  This word does not in any way denote an organization with a hierarchical structure. 

When Jesus was on earth He never set up an Organized Church even though His disciples were constantly urging Him to do so.  (They all wanted to be the favored ones in His organization.)  

The people Jesus rebuked the most were the leaders of the Organized Church, the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  Jesus called them vipers, , hypocrites, sons of their father, the devil, a synagogue of Satan! 

Who crucified Jesus?  The leaders of the Organized Church of the day!   

They had fallen so far from a relationship with God and their hearts were so corrupt that they didn’t even recognize Him when He came to earth in the form of a man. 

There are Two Beasts in Revelation 13, the Monster beast that represents world-wide Jewish Zionism, and the Lamb-like beast that represents world-wide apostate Christianity.  Apostate Christianity will be controlled from behind the scenes by Jewish Zionism and it will be the job of Apostate Christianity (the Organized Church) to do the dirty work for the Jewish Zionists by persecuting and killing the true followers of Christ - the TRUE Christians!  (See Revelation 13)  

The Passion of the Christ – The Movie 

The media continually repeats that the movie The Passion of the Christ is true to the Biblical account.  However, that is a blatant lie!  First, the biblical account of the Crucifixion would only take about 10 minutes to film, the account is so short.  That means that at least 90% of the movie is from someone’s imagination.  Since it is not the truth - by definition, it has to be a lie! 

In addition, the film’s producer, Mel Gibson, has admitted that he based his movie, The Passion, not on the Bible, but on the book “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” a 382 page fictional account of the crucifixion by a Catholic mystic, Anne Catherine Emmerich.  In the summary sketch of the book it states, this book “fills in many details” not given in the Bible.  Where did the author get them?  Obviously, from her imagination. 

The author also speaks of the “Blessed Mother’s role in our redemption.”  That is blasphemy!  The author is referred to as a “great mystic” who had visions.  Christians are not mystics!  So who did the author’s visions come from?  Not from God! 

n the movie, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is dressed in clothing that makes her look like a Catholic nun.  More propaganda! 

Mel Gibson’s recent four or five movies, including The Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon, Conspiracy Theory, The Patriot and Braveheart, are all packed with violence.  One movie reviewer wrote, “Mel Gibson hasn’t seemed fully alive on screen unless he’s being tortured and mutilated.  The tortures of his characters are gruelingly explicit.  Mel Gibson, in his pulp movie Payback, added shots of his toes being smashed by an iron hammer.  That’s what almost all of Gibson’s movies are about (including his 1990 Hamlet).  Even if he begins as a man of peace, Mad Mel ends as a savage revenger.” 

Another movie critic said the following: 

“I know, it sounds like a Monty Python movie.  You’re thinking there must be something to The Passion of the Christ besides watching a man tortured to death, right?  Actually, No: This is a two-hour-and-six-minute snuff movie—The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre—that thinks it’s an act of faith.  For Gibson, Jesus is defined not by His teachings in life—not by His message of mercy, social justice, and self-abnegation— but by the manner of His execution. 

“What does this protracted exercise in sadomasochism have to do with Christian faith?  I’m asking: I don’t know.  Gibson’s Jesus reminded me of the Terminator— heading out into the world to spread the bloody news.” 

It’s obvious that Mel Gibson just made another one of his violent movies to appeal to the degenerate blood-lust of the public.  He doesn’t focus on the purity, goodness, or redemptive character of Christ nor on His miraculous resurrection - the ultimate point of His life on earth.  Mel Gibson high-jacked a portion of the sacred story of Jesus and turned it into a “blood and guts” commercial hit camouflaged as a “spiritual experience” And all the blind, undiscerning church leaders have fallen for the scam! 

Which commandment does every viewer of the film break?  The Second Commandment! 

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above. . .”  Exodus 20:4 

When Christ is portrayed on film by a human being, an “image” has been made.  No human being can ever play Christ.  It is impossible for a human to portray the characteristics of God. 

The Bible purposely never tells us what Christ looked like.  We are not supposed to know. 

Is there evidence of Mind Control in the movie, “The Passion”? 

Those who are involved in Mind Control at the Tavistock Institute in London and in other places, use trauma to implant new information or to force the personality to split and become fragmented.  The trauma may be actual physical torture, or it may be forcing the victim to watch the torture of someone else, either in real life or on film.  This type of trauma is very effective in controlling the mind of the victim. 

This movie, The Passion, subjects the viewer to more than two hours of a barrage of bloody violence and is a perfect set-up for implanting in the viewer’s mind subliminal messages of any sort that the producers or editors of the movie desire.  I can’t imagine that they would pass up such an opportunity! 

These two vehicles, the book, “A Purpose Driven Life” and the movie, “The Passion” are being used as powerful change-agents in the plan to move the population of this country rapidly and forcefully into a One World Religion, a religion that eventually will worship Lucifer.