Are Dinosaurs Living on the Earth Today?

 Lorraine Day, M.D.

Every article about dinosaurs starts off the words, “Billions of years ago. . .”, attempting to propagandize the entire world into believing that dinosaurs have never lived with man.  Yet there is much evidence to prove that dinosaurs are living on the earth today.  Admittedly, they are not anywhere near the size of those that were living before the flood, but they are still very large.

They have only survived in rather isolated areas, such as the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, a monster that is undoubtedly a dinosaur that has been seen by many reputable people, including scientists, also there are many who have witnessed dinosaurs in the huge swamps on the African continent.

One of the largest collections of newspaper reports and pictures of presently-existing dinosaurs belongs to Dr. Ken Hovind, a Creationist speaker and former high school science teacher.  Large sea creatures, sometimes over 20 feet longer, have washed up on shore in the last 50 years and pictures show that they can be classified as known categories of dinosaurs.

However, these reports and pictures are found only in local newspapers and now, occasionally on the internet.  They are never picked up by the wire services or by the larger newspapers.  Why?  There is an agenda.  The newspapers push a godless agenda with evolution as its center.  They want society to believe that man evolved from slime and that dinosaurs were pre-historic animals that existed - and became extinct - long before man was on the earth.

If the newspapers admitted that there are dinosaurs on the earth today, they could not support their theory of evolution.  And they certainly will not support Creation and a Creator God.

Unfortunately, the brainwashing by the Evolutionists has been so thorough that even Christians, when confronted with Hovind’s massive evidence for the existence of dinosaurs on the earth today, frequently refuse to believe the evidence.  Christians apparently don’t understand that by doing so, they further the cause of the Evolutionists.