The Presidential Candidates
Learn About Them and “Weep”!

The Zionist Jews who control the U.S. Government and ALL elections, certainly ALL elections since they publicly assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963, hand-pick and “handle” from behind the scenes ALL candidates who have any chance of winning the Presidency.

Then they ALLOW you to have the “privilege” of voting for the one you choose from the list that THEY have picked for you, a candidate that they completely control.  What the public does not know is that THEY (the Zionist Jews) have decided LONG BEFORE the electioneering even begins, the one who ultimately will be President – the one who will win the election.

Your vote is irrelevant and worthless! 

The “election” is ALL for show – a SCAM to make the American public believe that they have a voice in what happens in their country.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Presidential Debates are a SHAM!

Check out the candidates.


Illuminati Trilateral
Commission: We Own ALL

Know Your Presidential Candidates

Rick Perry

Herman Cain

Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney

Recently I attended a relatively small gathering (about 200 people) where Mitt Romney spoke.  During his speech he happened to mention that he is a very close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister of Israel (1966-1969).  With that type of personal friends, you can be sure that he is a sycophant for Israel.

In addition, Massachusetts is filled with corrupt politicians on a par with Arkansas, including lazy, Jewish Senator John Kerry (another crypto-Jew – real name Kohn), Homosexual Jewish Congressman Barney Frank who was caught running a homosexual brothel out of his home, and known alcoholic Senator Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddick “fame.”  It is hard to believe that Romney could become Governor in this atmosphere without making major compromises.

As a Mormon, Mitt Romney at least believes personally in marriage and the family and has come out against gay marriage.  But with close long-term friends like Netanyahu and his close personal ties with Massachusetts politics, it is highly probable that he also is controlled by the Zionist Jews.

Ron Paul

A good, upright and honest man who has taken on the Establishment, Ron Paul has never been tarnished by the corruption rampant in the Political world.  He has always voted for financial prudence in the government, for the gold standard and the elimination of the illegal Federal Reserve Bank that has stolen the money supply of America, and for an end to the war in Iraq.

He is NOT owned by the Jews!

Unfortunately, he will never become President because the Jews control ALL candidates and have already decided who will win, irrespective of the vote, because the voting is all controlled.  They can manipulate the numbers in the computers by remote control.

There are reports that the New World Order/Zionist Jewish/Illuminati cabal is already planning his assassination, in case he becomes too much of a problem.

There is, however, one disappointing issue about Ron Paul.  He has stated publicly that he does NOT believe that 9/11 was an inside job – even with the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  That’s too bad.  Whether he really believes that the U.S. government did NOT conspire with the Israeli Mossad to bring about 9/11, or whether he feels he has enough “strikes” against him because of his opposition to the Establishment, is not clear.  Either way, it is unfortunate that he will not support the TRUTH of 9/11.

But with that exception, he would be an outstanding candidate – IF the voting system were not totally controlled by the Jews – which it is.

Hillary for President?

Jews Manipulate the Vote Count