The Media’s Shameful Exploitation of
George Zimmerman

What’s Their Evil Goal?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

The Mainstream Media is guilty of immorally and unlawfully editing Zimmerman’s 911 call, covering up Trayvon Martin’s history of unsavory behavior, and using every underhanded technique to paint Zimmerman as a racist bigot.  Why?  Answer: To instigate race riots and chaos across America. 

Every television network, every major newspaper, and every major news magazine is owned by the Jews.  The Jews are also the group behind the New World Order/One World Government/Illuminati whose goal is to destroy America physically, economically, spiritually, and morally.  

Even though it makes little sense for the New World Order to start race riots by using the case of an up-standing, married Latino (Zimmerman’s mother is Portuguese) employed insurance underwriter, who chose to live in a multi-ethnic development, who was acting appropriately in reporting to the police suspicious activity in his housing development that recently had several burglaries, if the Media repeats its shameful propaganda enough times, the people will “buy” it. 

Zimmerman is part of a neighborhood watch program set up in the development to watch for suspicious looking people in order to prevent burglaries.  There are Neighborhood Watch groups all over America.  Yet, the media now refers derogatorily to Zimmerman as a “wanna-be cop.” 

In case you haven’t been following this case, here is a brief overview.  

George Zimmerman is a 29 year old male living in Sanford, Florida who, on the particular very rainy night in question, was driving through his development to go to a grocery store.  He saw a young man in a hooded sweatshirt walking slowly along in the pouring rain.  This obviously looked suspicious because few people saunter slowly when it is raining heavily.  The young man in the hoodie was not even on the sidewalk, according to Zimmerman, he was on the grass of a particular house. 

Zimmerman called 911 on his cell phone to report this suspicious behavior.  During the phone call Zimmerman described the clothing of the young man and said he looked like he was up to no good.  The audio of the phone call is available and shows that the 911 operator asked Zimmerman a number of questions about his exact location in the neighborhood, whether he wanted to talk to the police when they arrived, and several other questions.  Then the operator asked Zimmerman if he knew the suspicious-looking person’s ethnicity.  Zimmerman responded, “He’s black.” 

However, the television network edited the tape by cutting out all the conversation with the 911 operator between Zimmerman’s words, “He looks like he’s up to no good” and the words, “He’s black.”  This could not have “just happened.”  There is every reason to believe that the TV network did this deliberately to falsely paint Zimmerman as a racist.  Right there, it is clear that the network has an agenda. 

On the other hand, Trayvon Martin is being pictured as an absolute Saint even though he had been suspended from school three times: for possession of a bag that contained traces of marijuana, for possession of a burglary tool and a bag full of jewelry, and for graffiti as well as being late or skipping school.  In fact, at the time he was killed, he was on school suspension.  None of these things are being mentioned by the main stream media.  Instead, Martin is always referred to as an “unarmed boy who was just walking home from the store.”  And apparently the Judge is not allowing these suspensions of Trayvon to be discussed in the trial either. 

Now, the case is being featured on all TV networks, but one specific Network is giving blatantly excessive coverage to this story using the programs of Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Drew and others, over-saturating the airways to spew anti-Zimmerman propaganda – to the point of instigating so much hate against Zimmerman that he fears for his life. 

It is morally reprehensible to try anyone in the Press.  Yet the Media does is regularly! 

If one watches the re-enactment of the shooting done by Zimmerman with the police BEFORE he had an attorney, it is obvious that Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense. 

While Martin was out of his car looking for a street sign on the dark, rainy night, to respond to the 911 operator’s request to know his exact location, Martin appeared from “nowhere” – and was standing 8-10 feet from Zimmerman. 

According to Zimmerman, Martin said, “You got a problem?”  Zimmerman responded, “No, I don’t have any problem.”  But then, according to Zimmerman, Martin lurched at him and punched Zimmerman in the face.  Indeed, police photos show that Zimmerman had a serious bloody nose.  

Zimmerman says that Martin pinned him down on the ground, banging Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk numerous times.  Indeed, Zimmerman has several significant cuts on the back of his head as evidence.  

Zimmerman admits he has a legally registered handgun because a police officer suggested he obtain one to protect himself and his wife from a vicious dog in the neighborhood that at one time cornered his wife.  He was wearing the legally registered gun on the night of the incident. 

Zimmerman states that, while Martin had him pinned to the ground, Zimmerman was yelling for help.  Several people opened their doors and said they would call 911 (something Zimmerman told them he had already done), but no one would come to his aid. 

Zimmerman tried to maneuver his body out from under Martin to get his head on the lawn, rather than on the sidewalk, to prevent Martin from cracking open his skull.  During his maneuvering, Zimmerman’s jacket pulled up and Martin saw Zimmerman’s gun. 

At that point, Zimmerman says that Martin yelled, ”I’m going to kill you” and reached for the gun.  Zimmerman tried to obstruct him by clamping his elbow on Martin’s hand.  Then Zimmerman, who was now clearly in fear for his life, grabbed his gun and shot Martin once in the chest.  Indeed, the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Martin confirms that the trajectory of the bullet shows that Martin was, at that time, on top of Zimmerman. 

Zimmerman states that he wasn’t even sure, at that moment, that the bullet hit Martin.  Martin immediately sat more upright and said, “You got me.”  Zimmerman thought Martin meant that he was done fighting.  Zimmerman got out from under Martin, got behind him and pushed him to the ground, holding him face down on the grass, while continuing to yell for someone to help him.  But no one did. 

It has been implied by the press that Zimmerman is a liar because he stated that Trayvon Martin was holding him (Zimmerman) down.   Some witnesses confirmed Zimmerman’s scenario that Martin was restraining Zimmerman.  But others testified that Zimmerman was on top of Martin. 

However, the re-enactment confirms that the testimonies of both sides are true because the witnesses all saw the fighting between the two young men – just at different times in the struggle. 

When the police arrived, Martin was dead.  Zimmerman admitted he shot him in self defense.  Zimmerman gave up his weapon and cooperated fully with the police with no attorney present. 

This is clearly a case of self-defense and there should be no trial at all.  To suggest that Zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder is patently absurd. 

The Real Question is: Why is the media exploiting this case with excessive, over-the-top coverage? 

Every life is important, and that includes the life of Trayvon Martin, but in terms of shooting statistics, this type of case occurs all over America almost daily.  Why is the media exploiting this particular case which, in Police Department parlance, would be considered routine?  Why are there thousands of blacks taking to the streets in protest?  Why is the media “putting Zimmerman on trial” in the press, stirring up so much hatred against him that he has to be in hiding?  Why is the press falsifying evidence?  Why is the press publishing articles that say, “There will be Race Riots if Zimmerman is found Not Guilty! 

What is their goal? 

The answer, as stated above, is to instigate race riots in America, something that the New World Order/Jewish Illuminati has been doing for decades.  But now their Plan is speeding up.  They are behind schedule in their Satanic plan to destroy America, and they’ll use any case available, irrespective of the enormous lack of evidence. 

If the jury reaches the correct decision, Zimmerman will be found Not Guilty.  Then the blacks have promised to start major riots.  If Zimmerman is found Guilty, a grave injustice will have been done, but the Latinos or whites may be instigated to start riots.  Either way, the New World Order elitists will have accomplished their goal to foment animosity between the races to destroy America. 

Don’t fall into their trap! 

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