Why Didn’t The Israelis “Hit” the Olympics?

Could it be that the Israelis are in such International “Hot Water” already because of their assassination of the Hamas leader in Dubai - practically “On camera,” no less – that they could not risk another such public embarrassment?

Israel never dreamed that the Dubai police would investigate so rapidly and thoroughly and then expose publicly the chutzpah of the Israeli Mossad “Hit” team.

It is no secret that the Israelis desperately want war with Iran, but of course they don’t want to use their own young men and women as cannon fodder.  That’s why they always use young American men and women – the U.S. military.  It accomplishes two purposes for them.  It saves the Israeli youth from being killed, and it kills massive numbers of the U.S. military young people thereby destroying our military and ultimately leaving us defenseless.

In order to get the people of the U.S. “on board” to send their sons and daughters to be killed in Iran for the sake of Israel, it is highly likely that Israel (and our CIA – that is totally run by the Jews) will stage another False-Flag “Terror” operation like 9/11 – that they can blame on the Arabs.

It is still worth reading the information below.  The facts will remain the same.  It is only the object of the False Flag “Terror” operation that will change.


Terror at the Coming Vancouver Olympics?
The Next False Flag Attack by Israelis?

 Will the Jews stage another 9/11-type False Flag Terror Attack
at the coming Vancouver Olympics –
and blame it on the Muslims?

It is hard to believe that the Jews would pass up the opportunity to turn the World’s anger against the Muslims by planning a False Flag Terror attack at the Coming Vancouver Olympics, then blaming it on the Muslims.

This is the regular Method of Operation for the Israeli Mossad, with complicity by the U.S. CIA and the British MI6.

Such a horrific attack would accomplish many of the goals of the Jewish/Illuminati’s plans for a One World Government, and total enslavement of the U.S. and the World.

The North American Union (NAU) was signed into law in 2000, quietly and surreptitiously without the knowledge of the American people, by the leaders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, to become operative this year - 2010.  The Jewish Illuminati needs a catastrophic terror incident to amalgamate the three countries, to enforce martial law (whether or not they actually call it that), to force federal ID cards for everyone, to suspend the U.S. Constitution, to try to gain U.S. and worl-wide support for an attack on Iran and Yemen - both predominantly Muslim countries - and to take away most of the (few) remaining rights we U.S. citizens have,

The pretense will be the need for “Security” of the countries “so another horrible incident like this can never happen again.”  But that is only subterfuge.  The next step will be a common currency for the NAU – the Amero – or possibly the institution of a Global currency.

Israel has no conscience when it comes to killing people indiscriminately.  If Israel’s False-Flag terror attack – which they will blame on the Muslims - kills many innocent Olympic athletes from countries around the world, the world will become enraged against all Muslim countries, diverting attention from the genocide of the Palestinians now being perpetrated by the Israeli Jews.

The security at the Vancouver games will be the highest security ever arranged for an Olympic event. The Security is being handled jointly by the U.S. and Canada, two countries which are totally controlled by the Jews and Israel.

Don't be fooled by their attempts to blame this terror incident on the Muslims - including Al Qaeda -an organization that was started by, and continues to be funded by, the U.S. and Israel. NO Muslims could EVER penetrate the immense security measures that will be in place.

Therefore, the ONLY groups who could possibly be responsible for such a horrific attack will be the Israeli Mossad and the U.S. CIA - with possible help from the British MI6 - the country that still secretly governs Canada. ALL three of these agencies - the Israeli Mossad, the U.S. CIA and the British MI6 - are completely controlled by the Jews!


Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11?

Posted by sakerfa on January 25, 2010

WARNING:  I now believe I have reasonable grounds to bring into suspicion that there may be a “false flag” terrorist attack during the Olympics in Canada, which take place in Vancouver and Whistler from Feb. 12th until Feb. 28th. I have compiled the following suspicious activity that I have found through various media sources. I’m not going to go as deep into each point as I could, and I will try to source information as best as I can, but some of it also comes from my own sources which I am not able to provide a link to.


Two tons of Ammonium Nitrate have gone missing from a shipment of 6,000 tons in the Vancouver area from a company that was recently bought out for $22 billion by some of the world’s largest financial companies. These companies are Goldman Sachs, AIG, The Carlye Group and others. The company that was purchased is called Kinder Morgan. Kinder Morgan didn’t report the two tons missing for over a month, when they did report it they came back a week later only to say they simply made a “clerical error”. Soon after the announcement, the RCMP started their investigation and came back only to say they can’t confirm that it was really accounted for.


Only the corporate-controlled media outlets are exaggerating the “severe” threat of terrorism and violent protests by radicals (who in the public mind have begun being associated with “terrorists” and labeled “domestic terrorists”).

They are throwing around the term “Al-Qaeda” as if they are educated on the topic and are clearly trying to scare people by using the same methods as they always do.

Explanation: The method they use works like this, first they cause people to recall a traumatic incident (9/11/01). By suggesting and even warning about the possibility it could happen again, they help to reinforce peoples’ fears of having to experience another traumatic incident. In doing this, they have their victims access their subconscious memory with the conscious mind, and it encounters resistance automatically. This happens because when a traumatic event occurs, the mind naturally attempts to figuratively construct what is sometimes called an “amnesia wall” around that event to block it out, this is a way our mind helps us to deal with fear.
So causing them to access the (traumatic) memory that their conscious mind is actively trying to block out, actually causes them to access the programming they were given after that previous traumatic event for what should happen in the case that the memory is ever brought up again. Subsequently, this causes them to chase after the “hero image” (The government in this case.) that was previously set up for them to trust in to save them from ever having to experience another traumatic incident. By doing so they are using the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” formula for control. In short it works by creating a problem, getting the victim to respond to the problem, and providing the victim with a predetermined solution to that problem that was created for them.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv-VgPil7b4http://www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=20070306_094145_4900http://the pirate bay.org/torrent/4535744/Neuro_Linguistic_Programming_WorkBook.pdf
(Educational book on Neuro Linguistic Programming)
(Educational book on Trauma Based Mind Control)

Security measures have been increased to an historic all-time high with foreign military from the US being involved, hundreds of CCTV security cameras, military with warships, black helicopters and so on. There will also be thousands of police and private security forces who are reported to be renting schools and trailers to use as bases for their operations.

The Prime Minister has also been given the sole responsibility for making the call to shoot down any highjacked aircraft, something normally taken on by other people.

This is the same as before 9/11 where Dick Cheney was given control of the military air defenses for a short time and he denied the request to shoot down the planes when they had 90 minutes to do so.

Strangely enough, regardless of the build-up of security and raising the threat level to “severe”, they double-think and claim to not be worried about it that much and are even allowing weaknesses in security to be exploited through the media. They’ve even been hiring people with zero background in security to help run security at the games, people who will not have enough time to train properly to do their job.


We also have some strange things happening that have proven in the past to be unusually accurate. First, we find a novel written about this very same event taking place, setting the precedent that this is something possible and we should expect it and be afraid, once again subjecting us to recall a traumatic event and associate it with the new one so the same programming carries over.


We have a Hollywood movie (2012) placed in the year 2012 saying that there had been a big event in British Columbia in 2010 where people essentially lost their freedom and died.


In addition to all of this, the Canadian parliament has been prorogued (A term where they are suspended typically in order to make new legislation and where all dictatorial power resides within the Prime Minister.) until March 3rd (Remember that date.) after the games.


The same company Verint, whose camera systems inconveniently for us malfunctioned on 7/7/05 during the London Bombings, was the same company to install cameras in Vancouver Airport, the subways in Montreal, and may even be the same company whose cameras are being set up around the area to provide security. Also worthy of noting is that during a large terrorist attack, as the DOW goes down, stocks at Verint have always shown to have gone up. They also apparently had part in the security of the airports involved during 9/11 and were found to be connected to the bombings in Madrid on 3/11 as well.


Just like 9/11 in New York, and just like the London bombings on 7/7, and just like the Madrid Bombings on 3/11, there will still be hundreds of thousands of people in the area on 3/3 trying to get out using the underground rail, boats, planes and other various modes of transportation. Locals from the area will also be returning home at this time. The events officially end on Feb. 28th, 2010. Notice the pattern of doubled odd numbers with each of the three previous “terrorist attacks”.

The media is going wild about how Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan are now using Ammonium Nitrate for explosives.


Right on cue, the guy you haven’t seen in a long time, Mr. Usama Bin Laden just came out and hailed the underwear bomber that burned his genitals in a failed bombing attempt on Christmas Day of 2009 and said the attacks will continue until we stop supporting Israel.


It seems that the elites have prior knowledge already! What are they afraid of if the largest joint security operation ever taken on by Canada and the US is there to protect them? “Obama is not alone; presidents and prime minister of other countries around the globe are sending representatives as well.”

In addition to this, a source of my own says that the wealthiest neighborhoods of the Vancouver area (which are also the least affected by Olympic traffic) have chosen to close their schools due to traffic concerns. For those not as wealthy – those that actually live and attend school very nearby the Olympic games – school may just continue as always.


My source in Vancouver speaking about school closings:

“One last thing to note – speaking of the elite – the wealthy and most powerful neighborhood of Vancouver is West Vancouver, located on the North Shore next to North Vancouver. (This is the city you have to drive through to get from Vancouver to Whistler). We have many friends in this area too, due to work, and we noticed one very strange thing. The entire West Van school district has closed down for the entire games. They started school 3 weeks early in order to accommodate the Olympic break. Why, this is strange. Although traffic has to go through a small part of West Vancouver (from downtown over the lions gate bridge to Taylor Way, then on to the #1hwy northbound to Whistler), it’s not that big of a disruption to schools. Most of them are located well away from the Park Royal area and Hwy that they won’t be effected by the excess traffic. No Olympic events are scheduled to take place in West Vancouver, unlike other surrounding cities who are host venues and located much further away from the downtown village (like Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, all 30-45 mins away, while West Van is only 5-10). They feel that the Olympics will be too much for the students, and they ARE THE ONLY SCHOOL DISTRICT TO BE LET OUT! No other area, even those more involved like Richmond, also home to the airport, have closed their school districts. NOT EVEN NORTH VANCOUVER, who is right beside West Van on the north shore have done this. Many of our friends kids attend elementary & high schools there, both public & private, and it is said that 85% of the students’ parents were planning to be “gone” for the games, to Mexico, Hawaii, etc. This is why the school board complied and let the whole school out, seems the kids of the wealthy will not be around during the games… this is VERY strange to all of us here. Sorry I don’t have a link, but I know at least 15 of those kids are on my FB as well as I know at least 8 of the parents personally.”

There was a “terror plot” called the “Toronto 18” that was “foiled” and the people involved arrested and detained. Their plan was reportedly to behead the Prime Minister and use Ammonium Nitrate bombs to blow up targets around Canada. The leader has been sentenced to prison for life and is serving that time, but another walked away free after being sentenced 7 years in prison because of his four years already spent in jail.


A hydro vault in downtown Vancouver also exploded and injured 3 workers while they were doing “regular maintenance”. Electrical maintenance on a thing they claim isn’t even being used for anything? That’s a little bit odd to me. Especially when in the novel that I mentioned earlier, the guy calls for cutting power to areas in order to facilitate the terrorist attacks. None of the workers have been named or interviewed by anyone. The cause of the explosion is still “under investigation” by WorkSafe BC.


That’s all I can remember that I’ve come up with at the moment, but I will be posting any relevant information to my Facebook group page “The Anti New World Order Group”. Anyone with relevant information is welcome to bring it to my attention through Facebook.

Contact Name: Marc Stinebaugh – “The Anti New World Order Group” on Facebook and “We Are Change: Virginia/DC”