The Planned Destruction of America
and the World

The Plan for a One World Government
Has Existed for Over 4,000 Years!

Part I: Alien Invasion Hoax

Part II: Obama's Health Plan
is to ELIMINATE Healthcare

Part III: Cap-and-Trade
A Cover for "Population Extermination"

Part IV: The Planned
Destruction of the U.S. Military

Part V: One World Religion
The Destruction of Christianity –
by Christians

Part VI: Agenda 21
Sustainable Development

Part VII: America
Has Been Taken Captive
by an Alien Nation

Part VIII: Killing Granny
All the Ways They Plan to Kill Us

Part IX: Coming Race
and Religious Wars

Part X: A Cashless Society,
Coming Famines, U.S. Police State

Part XI: Destruction
of American Culture

Part XII: "This Generation Shall
not Pass Until All These
Things be Fullfilled"