Who Murdered President John F. Kennedy?

President Kennedy’s assassination was ordered by the Jewish/Israeli Illuminati that controls America from behind the scenes, according to a fascinating and thoroughly researched book entitled “Final Judgment” written by Michael Collins Piper.  Mr. Piper is the only author who documents in detail the vast control over America that the Jewish interests maintain and why they ordered Kennedy’s death.

This is a “must read” for every American.

President Kennedy, in trying to regain control of America for the Americans, stepped on the toes of this diabolic cabal and received their vengeance.  They blew his head off on International Television as a warning to every other subsequent U.S. President NEVER to cross them!

With Kennedy’s murder, a coup de that took place in America, forever changing the governance of the United States.  Since that time, the Jews have had a total strangle-hold on the American Government, using the billions of dollars of our tax money as their own private bank account, and enlisting the young men and women of America in the Armed Forces as their own private military machine to use as cannon fodder to rape and pillage all the natural resources of every country in the world.

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