Congressman Larry McDonald

A Great American Patriot

Congressman Larry McDonald supposedly died when Korean Airlines Flight 007 was reportedly shot down by the Soviet Union in 1983, a convenient way for the Jewish New World Order to get rid of him.  Yet death in a plane crash would have been easier than what Congressman McDonald went through, and may still be going through as you will read in this article.

Why did the Jews hate McDonald?  Because almost thirty years ago he was exposing their plans for a Communist One World Government. 

How did McDonald learn so much about these plans so long ago?  Possibly because he was the cousin of General George Patton who knew, from personal experience during World War II that the Jews were behind the war, with the goal of eventually destroying America – the evidence of which is now right in front of us!

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It is also important to note that almost thirty years ago a plane that was supposedly “shot down” actually was flown to the Soviet Union and the passengers imprisoned as slaves. 

It is not unreasonable to surmise that the planes (with their passengers) supposedly involved in 9/11 had the same fate. 

We know that no commercial plane with passengers on board hit the Pentagon. 

We know that no commercial plane with passengers on board crashed in Pennsylvania.

We know that the Twin Towers collapsed by controlled demolition, not from a fire caused by airplane fuel.  In fact, it is unlikely that any planes actually hit the Twin Towers at all.  There is strong evidence that the video footage showing a plane hitting the Twin Towers was a manufactured video, just like the pictures on the BP web page were “Photo-shopped.”

It is entirely possible that the four planes involved in 9/11 – with their passengers – were taken to Russia, a country run by the same Jewish New World Order crowd that runs America, and may have met the same fate as Korean Airlines Flight 007.

If the Jews got away with it once, there’s no reason they wouldn’t try it again.

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